Every time you play “Breath of the Wild”, while moving, your hand makes a bit of force and your left or right joycon slides up, it’s definitely annoying because you will usually end up dying while inserting the joycon again.

How to fix it? JoyCons with metal locks instead is the best choice.

How to install the Metal Lock Buckles?

  1. Use the Y screwdriver to remove 4 screws on the joycon.
  2. Use the X screwdriver to remove the screws from the joycon.
  3. Take down the small iron with the tweezers
  4. Then take the original lock buckle out carefully.
  5. Then put the spring into the metal lock buckle.
  6. Put the metal lock buckle into the joycon and press the spring into the slot.
  7. Finally, put back the small iron and the screw. Close the joycon case back.