For: Apple Mobile

Service parts for Apple phone tail cable


● if you have problems with charging and data transmission, you may need to replace the charging tail cable

● the charging tail cable is available in three colors: gray, white and dark gray

● charging tail cable is only compatible with apple mobile phone

Five faults of tail plug cable assembly?

Any of the following faults can be identified as the problem of the pigtail cable. Replacing a pigtail cable can solve the problem

1. It can’t be charged / only one side of the data cable can be charged. There is no response when connecting the computer, unable to transmit data, and the tail data port is faulty

2. The other party can’t hear the voice / the voice is small / the noise (the handsfree call is normal, that is, the integrated transmitter of the tail plug fails)

3. The home key fails (it may also be the home cable interface failure, because the interface is integrated in the tail plug)

4. There is no response / sound / noise on one side of the earphone

5. The calling signal is not stable, the signal is not satisfied / no service (if the mobile signal is normal, then the signal line on the pigtail cable is faulty)