Product Description:

Replace the failed 12 megapixel rear camera.

This part is compatible with the iPhone 7plus.

If the camera has a sensor problem, a focus problem, or a problem, you will need to replace this part.

Remember, the lens cover is not physically integrated with this part – it’s on the back of the iPhone – so replacing the camera will not fix the scratched lens

Five major faults of rear image head?

In case of any of the following situations, even if the rear image head causes malaria, it can be solved by the rear image head.

1. The rear image head cannot be opened / the jammer can be started / the black screen can be opened

2. The photo is blurry and cannot focus automatically

3. There are bad spots, black spots and color distortion in the photos taken

4. It indicates that the flash is not available due to high temperature, which is also a problem of the rear image head

5. The rear image head can not be used. The system is designed to automatically shield flash and flashlight