This simple add-on offers a complete collection of all Genesis/Megadrive games to turn your Genesis/Megadrive mini into the ultimate retro gaming console.

Over 1000 games (1022 in total) games from all regions, all style, there is no ending to gameplay. Works exactly like the other pre-included games, except there is so many more…

Easy to use, just 2 minutes to install with any Windows or Mac PC (see instructions at the bottom of this page)

Includes a mini USB hub so you can enjoy all the fantastic 2-player games without losing your second controller compatibility!

Accept no imitation: True Blue Mini is the original Mini & Classic consoles game enhancer. We use only high quality components and ensure 100% compatibility, durability and safety with your console– for any region, at any time. Beware of low-quality/faulty clones!

* Packed with over 1000 additional Mega Drive/Genesis games.
* Supports real time saves for all games, just like the original console.
* Includes Hub to allow for multiple players while using device.
* 4 in 1 official consoles.
You can run you mini console as each of the four official regions: USA, Europe, Japan, Asia.
* Shows 130 games per page and easily swaps between pages via button presses.
* Short descriptions for every game.
* Full colour covers for every game.
* Simple one time install process.
* Plug and play usage. Just plug device in and turn console on to use it.